April Specials from Good Things Green Things

To green up this years spring cleaning, all cleaning supplies are 10% of through the month of April. Read more about green cleaning in todays post Why Clean Green?

We have a new organic pet supplement made from nine medicinal mushrooms. Super Immunity Formula by Organic Pet Superfood is beneficial for pets who are stressed, have low energy, have joint issues, allergy problems or digestive issues. It’s easy to feed and only requires a small amount of powder that can be sprinkled on your pets food. Emma, Phoebe, Mickey and Dude are testing it out right now. We started it on Monday, so we haven’t seen any results yet, besides the fact that they love it. Even the cats! Dude is sick with a Urinary tract infection and bladder and kidney stones right now. He has not had much of an appetite, but was really interested in the Superfood. I’m anxious to see if it will help with Emma and Phoebe’s allergies. You can keep up with our progress on our Dog Blog.

I think that’s is for now. Hope you’re all doing well. Take care and we’ll talk soon.


Good Things Green Things



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