Why Clean Green?

I feel one of the most important things you can do if you want to live a greener life, is to switch to non-toxic cleaning products. There are so many horrible chemicals in the traditional products out there today. No one in your family needs to be breathing in that stuff, especially when it’s been suggested that repeated exposure to these products can cause skin irritation, allergies, asthma and possibly cancer. No to mention the fact that they pollute our ecosystems and harm aquatic life and animals.

It also bothers me that the ingredients usually aren’t listed on the products. Why would you use something when you dont know what’s in it? The simplyneutral brand of cleaning products that we carry are reasonable priced, and were created by someone who cleans homes for a living. So you know they work. Maggie of simplyneutral developed allergies while cleaning homes, and decided to create her own line of products. Her products are ideal for people, with asthma, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. I absolutely love the cleaners! They work so well, and I love the light, clean scent of the All Purpose Cleaner.

Seventh Generation is also another great brand that you can find at most of your local stores. They have a wide variety of products, and all the ingredients are disclosed on the label.

The other option is to make you own products. There are a lot of natural ingredients that make great cleaning products.

White Vinegar: Can be used so many ways. Great for cleaning windows, and other surfaces. I mix equal parts with water and just start washing everything. You can add in a few drops of natural dish detergent for contertops, but you don’t need to. I’ve been adding it to the laundry as a fabric softener (1/4 vinegar & 1/4 water in the rinse cycle dispener) it works so well, and it’s nice not having to use the fabric softener sheets. White vinegar is also great for mold issues. Mix with water (more vinegar than water for this ) and just start washing! Most people don’t like the smell of white vinegar, but it disappears as soon as it dries.

Baking Soda: Great for laundry, I add 1/4 cup per laod to whiten and act as a fabric softener. My favorite use for baking soda is on the stove top. I ALWAYS burn food on to the stove top, and the best way for me to get it off is a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. I don’t have a measurement for this one, I just sprinkle some on and add the lemon juice. Used with a scrubbie sponge, it gets that crusty food right off there.

Olive oil: Want to shine up your cabinets the natural way? Buff them with olive oil. I recently didi this to our kitchen cabinets and they look brand new. Plus, it’s cheap and non-toxic. I like to use a cut up t-shirt, because it doesn’t soak up all the oil and doesn’t leave lint behind on what your polishing.

Have fun with your green spring cleaning, and take care of yourselves.
We’ll talk soon.


Good Things Green Things


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