Busy Month!

Wow, April has been SO busy! I’m so glad tax time is over and warmer weather is on the way. I hope that you all are enjoying the spring. Our newest addition to the store is called Organic Pet Superfood – Super Immunity Formula. It’s an easy to feed, powder supplement for your pets. Made from nine medicinal mushrooms, this formula is great for any pet with health issues and may be helpful in treating: allergies, joint issues, gastointestinal issues, low energy issues and many other ailments. We’ve been using it for almost a month now and we absolutely love it. Phoebe has shown great improvement in her skin, coat and breath. The buildup on her teeth even seems to be breaking down. She is no longer a smelly dog, so she gets to sit on my lap again, YAY! She’s a happy little pup. You can keep up with our progress on our doggy blog: Dogs with Allergies

I don’t have any new products for May, but I’m working on some great specials for you. I’ll check back  in then. Take care and stay green!


Good Things Green Things



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