Natural Makeup

I’ve had a few people ask lately about Good Things Green Things carrying a makeup line and I wanted to explain why we currently don’t have one. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m SUPER picky about the ingredients used in the products we carry. Makeup that fits my standards has been extremely hard to find. The other issue with carrying makeup is that we are a teeny tiny business. Everything is done at my home so I can be with my little ones, and this doesn’t leave me a lot of room to stock mass amounts of products. Most makeup line have multiple shades of everything – foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow & lipstick. I wish I had room for it, but right now I just don’t. If I could find a small line, with basic colors that work for most skin tones, that has great ingredients AND is reasonably priced, then we would be all set! : ) But so far, I have not had any luck.


I did just come across a newer line, that is gluten free and has extremely pure ingredients called Gluten Free Beauty. Right now they have foundation & powder, lip & cheek tints and a few skin care items. I really like the looks of the line, but they’re a bit higher priced than I prefer. The lip & cheek tints available in 3 shades are $18.50 and the foundation/powder sets, also available in 3 shades are $39. What do you think? How much are you spending on your makeup right now? I would love to hear your natural suggestions. What makeup line do you love?


What I can do for now is suggest a few lines for you to try. The two lines I really like are Portland, Oregon based Alima Pure and Austin, Texas based Everyday Minerals. They both have a besutiful selections of colors for the entire face and both offer makeup brushes as well. Alima rewrds you witha free eyeshadow after returning 5 of your jars for recycling, and Everyday Minerals offers a FREE mini kit, so you can find the right shade, before making a full sized purchase.


I hope the suggestions are helpful and that you find some makeup that you love. I will keep you posted on a makeup line if we find one that works for us. You can always email comments, suggestions or questions to me at or get in touch with me on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

Andi : )

Andi Winterfield – Owner

Good Things Green Things

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