September Specials & New Products


Hello & Happy September!

We’re getting ready for back to school around here & we’ve also finally started on our new house! It’s a very exciting & busy time for us! We’ve got some new products this month & some great sale items, so let’s get to it!

What’s New


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Cream – An all natural, super effective deodorant cream that is handmade in Portland, OR. Choose from four essential oil blends: Bergamot+Lime, Cedarwood+Juniper, Lavender+Sage or Ylang-Ylang+Calendula. It’s also available in Fragrance Free. $8 – 2 oz.


Butterbean Sunscreens – We’ve been testing this sunscreen out for the last few months & we’re loving it! The ingredients are super simple – only 6 ingredients in the SPF 20 Sunscreen Cream & only 9 ingredients in the SPF 20 Simple Sunscreen Lotion. Both sunscreens are great for sensitive skin & are really water resistant. $10 – 3 oz Cream & $16 for 7 oz Cream or $15 – 4 oz Lotion or $22 for 8 oz Lotion.

What’s on Sale

Save 25% on True Natural SunscreensFiddlebump’s Apothecary Skin Care through 9.30.13 or while supplies last.

All remaining products in the Clearance Section are now 50% off!

I hope you have a great month! Take care & I will talk to you soon!

Andi 🙂


August Specials: Sunscreen sale!

Happy August!

I hope you’re having a great summer & have been able to stay cool. It has been incredibly hot here in Minnesota. I’m looking forward to Fall & hoping for cooler weather. Here are the specials for the month of August:

Sunscreen Sale – All of our sunscreens are 10% off through August 31st, 2012. Choose from Goddess Garden, Raw Elements, Purple Prairie Botanicals & the Hurraw! SPF 15 Lip Balm.

Lovely Lavender Sale – Lavender is a great healer & is helpful in treating burns & bites. Through August 31st, 2012 you can save 10% on the lavender products that are listed on our home page. The Nourish Organics Lavender Balm is a great all purpose balm for sun burn, bug bites, diaper rash, eczema & dry skin. It makes a great nighttime moisturizer for dry/aging skin. It’s one of my absolute favorite products!

Take care & have a wonderful month!

Andi 🙂

Sunscreens: What We Carry + Usage & Storage Tips

Summer is here & that means more fun in the sun for most of us! I get a lot of sunscreen questions this time of year, so I thought I would put together a post about our sunscreens, along with some helpful usage & storage tips.

First off, lets go over the three sunscreen brands at We carry:

Purple Prairie Botanicals – A great all around brand & the most budget friendly sunscreen that we carry. Purple Prairie offers their Sun Stuff Mineral Sun Protection Lotion, that is equivalent to an SPF 30. This lotion does offer some water resistance & should be reapplied when water is no longer beading off the skin. A lot of people ask me why the Sun Stuff lotion bottle doesn’t carry the SPF 30 on the label. The reason for that is, that in order to claim an SPF value, the sunscreen must be made in an FDA approved facility. Purple Prairie is currently working to meet those standards.

Purple Prairie also makes the super easy to apply Sun Stick & their Sun Stuff Lip Balm. Both of these products are water resistant. The Sun Stick is a great choice for babies since it is so easy to apply & has has a very limited ingredient list of only 7 ingredients. The Sun Stuff lip balm is great for those who spend most of the day in the sun & those who are prone to cold sores brought on by excessive sun exposure.

Goddess Garden – I love the lightweight, non-greasy texture of the Goddess Garden sunscreens. We carry the 8 oz SPF 30 Family Size Spray – this is a pump spray, not one of the harmful aerosols that the Environmental Working Groups warns against. There are no inhalation concerns with this sunscreen, unless of course you’re shooting it straight up your nose. Please do not shoot this straight up your nose. 😉 Now that we’ve got that covered, I love how easy to use this sunscreen is. The sunscreen goes right where you want it to  & rubs in easily. My kids think it’s pretty cool when I blast them with sunscreen. Another precaution: please do not spray your children or yourself in the face. It’s best to spray the sunscreen on your hands & apply it to the face.

Goddess Garden also makes an SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen with only 9 ingredients. Just like the spray, this is a lightweight sunscreen, rubs in well & is safe for babies of all ages. Goddess Garden sunscreens have some water resistance, but I would definitely reapply every 60 minutes, instead of every 90 minutes like the label suggests. For those of you that are looking for a lower SPF, you might like the SPF 15 Sun Body Lotion. It comes in three light aromas: Grapefruit Bergamot, Lavender Mint & Tangerine Lavender. This body lotion provides moderate sun protection & is very lightweight & non-greasy. It is great for your face & can even be worn under makeup. It would be perfect for every day face protection.

Raw Elements – Attention swimmers & athletes! This is the sunscreen for you! Raw Elements was created by an ocean lifeguard & is full of healthy, nourishing ingredients. Raw Elements makes an SPF 30 sunscreen lotion & an SPF 30 sunscreen stick. Both of them are seriously sweat proof & water resistant. The sunscreen stick can even be applies underwater! These are thicker sunscreens, but that is what gives them there extra stick. If I was going to be in the water all day, this is the sunscreen I would choose.

Hurraw! – I just have to mention this lovely little SPF 15 lip balm from Hurraw! Balms. It is so smooth, taste like a creamsicle & offers great daily protection from the sun.

All of these sunscreens are:

Usage Tips & Storage

I’m a firm believer that all sunscreens should be replaced every year. Products break down over time, especially in heat(more on that in a minute) & you don’t want to be using old sunscreen on you or your kids. You need to have something that is going to keep you protected. Purple Prairie Sunscreens expire 12 months after the open date. Goddess Garden & Raw Elements Sunscreen have an expiration date on the bottle – typically 2 years after being made. If the sunscreen smells funny or the consistency is off, throw it out & get yourself a new bottle. The best way to store sunscreen is in a cool, dry location. At home on the shelf or in a drawer is fine. When you’re at the beach or out on the water, keep you sunscreen cool & shaded. A great place to tuck it away is in your cooler or a beach bag. Don’t forget to bring it in the house when you get home. The heat will break down all those wonderful protecting ingredients & you’ll have to replace your bottle. I left my sunscreen in the hot car for a week & it was completely ruined.

I hope I’ve answered some of your questions, if you have any others, you can always email me at or you can check out our Sunscreen FAQ page.

Enjoy the sunshine & be safe out there!

Andi 🙂

June Specials at Good Things Green Things

Happy June!

June is off to a warm & pleasant start here in MN. My chickens are thriving in the backyard & are quite the little bug catchers. We’ve added one lady to the group for a total a four hens. I don’t have a picture yet & she is still without a name, but we have a lovely Ameraucana hen, who will soon be laying bluish-green eggs. We’re having a blast watching the ladies roam the yard.

What’s New 

Goddess Garden SPF 15 Sun Body Lotion

We have some new SPF 15 Body Lotions from Goddess Garden that are really nice if you’re looking for a lower SPF. These lotions can also be used on the face & wear perfectly under makeup. They’re naturally scented with essential oils & are available in 3 subtle aromas: Grapefruit & Bergamot, Lavender & Mint and Tangerine & Lavender. You can save $2 on the Goddess Garden Body Lotions through June 30th, 2012.

Sebon Organics Hair Care

We have hair care again! Sebon Organics(formerly Elava Botanik) have arrived at Good Things Green Things! Available in 3 different formulas – Mango for Fine Hair, Papaya for All Hair Types & Avocado for Dry, Damaged Hair – all are safe for color treated hair. If you buy 2 or more bottles, you automatically save $.95 per bottle.

Bug Repellent Update

Mosquito & tick season is upon us & I know that the Purple Prairie repellents are one of your favorites. We are currently out of both the spray & the lotion, but do have the bug balm stick. I have more on order & it will be arriving within the next week. I also have a bundle of the Eucalyptus Lemon bar soap coming. We use this bar all summer long to help deter mosquitoes & ticks. I love the refreshing scent & the extra help in preventing bug & tick bites. It’s a must have bar for campers & cabin goer’s.

What’s On Sale

You can save with these great deals through June 30th, 2012:

Take care & have a great month!

Andi 🙂


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that the new year is off to a great start! I want to start off by thanking you for your business this past year, it means so much to me. I hope that you enjoy shopping at Good Things Green Things, and if there is anything that you would like to see added to the store this year, please let me know.

Our candles are going to have a new look soon, thanks to my friend Heather at Chickabug. She’s designing some really pretty labels for the tins and jars. I can’t wait for you to see them! Heather makes the cutest custom paper goods like stickers, address labels, invites & thank you’s, so if you need anything like that you should definitely check out her shop. My local potter friend Mae, is busy making up some more candle crocks since the first batch sold out so quickly over the holidays.  I’ll keep you posted on their arrival.

My other plan for the year is to add a men’s skin care line. I’m still searching for the right one, and would love to hear your favorites, if you have any. You can email me anytime or leave me a note on Facebook.

What’s on sale: All sunscreens are 25% off through the end of the month.We carry Purple Prairie Botanicals and Goddess Garden sunscreens, both are top rated by the Environmental Working Group. Stock up now for your winter vacation or if you live in one of the sunny states. The 32 oz Nourish Baby Organic Washes in Lavender and Coconut are also 25% off. No coupon is necessary. These washes can be used for hands and body, and make a great shampoo for people and pets. I’m currently using the Sweet Orange Wash for my hair and I absolutely love it!

I hope that you enjoy your month! Take care and we’ll talk soon!


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